DAP is no fool but it is aided in its decision making by using the I-Ching and the Sun Tze Art of War as its political strategic maneuver. Most of us believe that the Han communities are superstitious but a few knows that the Han communities actually a philosophical based society. The Chinese civilization is built on philosophy of the equilibrium of basics elements where man is in the center. The heaven and earth is connected by man. Man represent the divinity of Heaven and this divinity harmonizes all earthly elements. Thus, the sun symbolizes the divinity energy spreads throughout the earth giving life and man manifests the sun’s energy by harmonizing all elements. The energy is symbolized by the Dragon.

The Han know that the energy is always changing from positive to negative and vice versa and that’s why we found that in the Han political beliefs is that the people has the right to overthrow a government when it is no longer has the heaven blessings. This what resulted in the Xinhua revolution that overthrown the Qing’s dynasties and the earlier dynasties before that.

The years 1963 , 1964, 1965, and 1969 have a great significance for the oversea Hans in the South East Asia. Then, the rotation started again since 2004,2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.  For 40 years they are looking for the changing factor from the Malay, then it represents itself in the body of Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim, in the I-Ching prediction represents the negative energy on part of the Malay. But where’s the positive energy that shall overcome the negative energy that will turn the table once for all and will end the Han’s supremacy in the South East Asia? The Hans are again baffled.

Thus, the Hans try to destabilize the government of the day by questioning and libeling all that are positive energies on part of the Malay, and that is the Malay Sultanate, The Malay language, the Malay Jawi, The Malay Silat, the Malay cultures  and the Malay religion. If they cannot eradicate all of it, they will distort it, and a distortion in positive energy means that it will not suffice to overcome the negative energy.

So there is my friend the answer to all the political problems in Malaysia. The solution? It is very simple, keep the positive energies to flow and make it grow stronger until it devours and swallows the negative energy i.e. let the dragon swallows the Sun !


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